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We are a turn-key liquidation company offering estate planning, heir distribution, organization, pricing, set-up, staffed on site sales, clean-up and everything in between.

Remember – don’t throw anything away!  What you think is trash could be valuable!  We do all the sorting and cleaning for you!


Estate Escape, LLC is located in Charlotte Hall, Maryland.  We cover Charles, St. Mary’s, and parts of Calvert County.

We are a turn-key estate liquidation company offering planning, heir distribution, organization, pricing, set-up, staffed on site sales, clean-up, clean outs leaving your home, outbuildings and attics completely clean and empty!

In most cases a two-week turnaround is all it takes, however, some estates may require additional time.

Can’t hold an on-site sale on your property?  No problem!  We have recently included buying out entire house contents no matter how small or large to accommodate our clients.   In most cases we can empty your property within a day, depending on the size of your home.


Whether you choose us or someone else; remember these dos and don’ts:

  • Don’t throw anything away.
  • Remove all wanted items before calling a liquidator.
  • Don’t donate, pre-sell, or give away anything.  An estate that hasn’t been cherry picked makes a successful estate sale.
  • Check references of the last 3 completed jobs. Be sure to get the dates they were completed.
  • Don’t turn off heat/air because it causes damage to goods.
  • Don’t allow too much time to lapse; as it too damages goods.
  • Make sure you have an understood contract.
  • Remember, we work for you!
  • Visit our Q&A page to learn more.


Yes!  We have a large following and these types of sales attract shoppers looking for a variety of things.  

Fifty cents adds up to dollars, and dollars adds up to hundreds of dollars.   

It’s not just antiques that draw in shoppers these days.   Below is a sampling of items that attracts a large crowd.

We stage and clean everything.  We also publish a very nicely staged gallery and we market.

In addition to our online gallery, we do extensive advertising in:

  • Facebook and other online marketing forums


In addition to the household items, customers and collectors also attend estate sales looking for boats, cars and trucks, coin collections, gold, sterling, fine and costume jewelry, vintage and antique toys, guns and ammo, tools, lawn and garden equipment, just to name a few bells and whistles.

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