The Process

Though no two estates are identical we can however, share with you some common practices in the liquidation process. Hopefully, this will leave you feeling more knowledgeable and relaxed about your potential estate sale.


The first and most important thing to remember before calling an estate liquidator is to take out all the items the family wants to keep. Don’t throw anything away. Don’t donate or allow anyone to come in and “cherry pick”. We work on a percentage basis and that percentage is based on what we can sell. 


It is our goal to maintain a painless process for all involved in such a difficult task. Whether you choose Estate Escape or not we hope we have given you helpful information to go on.

Evaluating the estate.

To begin with, we will visit with you at the estate. We will walk through and review the contents to reach a decision on whether or not to continue with an estate sale.

How to choose your liquidator.

First things first: Make a list of questions you would like to ask a liquidator and have them ready before you call. Check references from the last three completed jobs by the liquidation company.


Make sure you view the license(s) and insurance documents. You should always feel comfortable with the liquidator you choose after all, you will be allowing them free roam of the estate.

The start-up.

After signing the contract and setting a date for the sale (at least fourteen days after contract signatures) we will ask for a key to have complete access to the home to work in day or night.


We will begin to clean, sort, organize, photograph, research, and ready your items for sale. We will notify our subscribers first to give them information of the upcoming sale.


Pictures will be uploaded to our website for preview of the items for sale in the estate. There will be absolutely no pre-sales.

The set-up.

After we have cleaned and organized your home by bringing in more tables, cases for display and anything else needed to establish a successful sale, then we will begin to research, organize, clean, stage and price all items for sale.

The sale dates.

The sale days are typically Thursday and Friday from 8 am to 3 pm and Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm.


There are some exceptions to these set times and we accommodate when needed.


On the day of the sale we hand out numbers in order of first arrival. Each person in line is put in the order of number received five minutes before the doors open.


Depending on the size of the estate we will allow up to 30 people in at a time. Each area of the estate is manned to accommodate shoppers.


We ask that nothing be removed from the sale after the ad has gone out to the public.


All personal items which we will set aside for your family such as photos, letters, irreplaceable items will need to be picked up before the sale date.

End cleaning.

One of Estate Escape’s key processes involves the cleaning of your estate once the sale is over. We box unsold items for your family or the charity of your choice. The entire estate is left cleaned and ready for you to market or inhabit it.

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