Estate Misconceptions

Let's take a moment to clear up some of the misconceptions concerning estate sales.

Why would someone consider having a professional run an estate sale?

A professional liquidator takes a considerable amount of time researching the value of items before pricing them. We have been to “do it yourself” estate sales where a carnival glass bowl, valued over $150 was sold for 50 cents. Additionally, most estate sales involve the death of a loved one; and family members can eliminate unnecessary stress involved in selling their loved one’s estate.

Not all estates involve a death.

As stated above, most, but not all estates involve a death in the family. We have held several successful estate sales where our client was just downsizing.

Wouldn't this just be a rummage sale?

It is a common misconception that an estate sale is just another rummage sale. An estate sale is typically years of accumulation involving the contents of the entire house; and not just a small portion of the contents.

Will your staff hold back the best items?

We DO NOT sell to our staff, our friends or family. The only items removed from the estate are those items the family wishes to keep.

Though often times, estate liquidators will pre-sell, pick over, and deplete valuable items from the estate sale before the public sale, this should not be common practice. Be sure to ask, when choosing your liquidator, if the company allows pre-sales to staff, owner, family and friends. Pre-selling is not beneficial to the the client or the integrity of the public sale.

Will the family take all the valuable items?

Another misconception of estate sales is that only junk will be left for the public to buy. This is simply not true. Families have left coins, rare toys, jewelry, guns, war memorabilia, rare pottery and other highly collectible items.

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