Q & A

Is there anything I need to do to the estate?

It is best that you do not do anything to the estate, except to identify the personal items you know you want to keep.

Please do not throw anything away. Even a piece of paper could have value!

What is the agreement of an estate liquidation?

There is no charge for us to evaluate your estate. We will meet with you to assess your needs and from there, we will determine a fee based on the size of your estate and the work involved.


Our job is to get your estate ready for a sale. This typically involves an initial cleaning, organizing, displaying items, photography, advertising, marketing, running the sale and end cleaning. Other services may involve helping you with heir distribution.


Since we are a turn-key liquidation company, we will customize your estate sale according to your specifications.

Do I need to have an estate sale?

We do not charge for a consultation, so it would be in your best interest to take advantage of our professional assessment of your estate. This way, you can decide to have an estate sale based on expert advice.


Since you are not obligated to contract with us, you can opt to liquidate your estate in a different manner if you choose not to hold an estate sale.

How do I decide which estate liquidator to use?

When you interview different people to give your sale, keep in mind these people will be handling your family heirlooms and having full run of the home.


Make sure to check references on the last three jobs of every liquidator you interview. Ask questions, in fact, make a list before hand of the questions you wish to ask.


The liquidator should be happy to give advice and help you feel at ease in your decision making. Check for license and insurance information before making your choice. 

How long will it take to complete the estate sale?

With Estate Escape, it normally takes just 14 days from start to finish. Please see our “Process” page to get an idea of what is done during this time period.

What happens to money, photos and personal papers found by the liquidator?

Since we are very thorough and pay our crew to search every “nook and cranny” we charge our contracted percentage only, on cash found in the estate.


We return the difference directly to the family. Photos and personal papers are simply set aside, along with anything else that seems too personal to sell without permission, and have the family come and retrieve it or we will mail it to you upon request.

Can I keep items after the contract is signed?

This has come up before and it is understandable; however, when this happens, you would pay our agreed percentage only (of fair market value) for such item(s). Items CANNOT be removed once the advertisement has been released which is typically one week before the sale date.

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