Waldorf Estate September 2023

When: September 21st-23rd, 2023

Time: Thursday & Friday 9am-3pm & Saturday 10am-2pm

Where: 13442 Holly Springs Drive Waldorf, MD 20601

Special Instructions: If you are planning to purchase the pianos you will need to hire a professional piano mover to do so. We have one if you don’t The prices for the pianos are reflecting the cost of moving them. My employees will not move them out so please plan to have a professional. 

If you can’t view the photo gallery click here: https://www.estatesales.net/MD/Waldorf/20601/3808557

For those of you wanting to view the photos via estate sales dot net click here:https://estateescape.com/

A partial list of what to expect:

  • Jewelry! Tons and tons of costume! Small amount of gold and sterling. Names incl. Trifari, Monet, Napier, Art, Sarah Coventry, Alice Jewelry Co. Danecraft, Capri, Jonette, Hobe, Avon, Sancrest, BED, DALSEIM, Carnegie, Richelieu, Sorrento, Giovanni, Van Doran, Artistry, B.S.K., Amerikaner, SWANK, Dante, Mamselle, Linder, Coro, Winard, Gerry’s, MYLU, Made in Germany, Japan, Austia and Isreal. Just to name a few. 
  • Lighted jewelry art tree
  • Watches and clocks incl. Miniature (possible salesman sample) Grandfather clock, C.F. Petit A. Paris mantle, Antique porcelain, The Sessions Clock Co. mantle, Omega, Seamaster, Hamilton, Witnauer, Seiko, Lucien, Picard Dufonte, Lassale, Citizen, Casio, Timex, Peugeot, Helbros, Timex, Disney, Olog Casio, Wadsworth, Alberto Fioror and more!
  • Weber Pianola Grand player piano with player rolls
  • Everhart Bros. York Penn player piano
  • Silvertone phonograph
  • Furniture incl. Hickory-Fry sofa, several display cabinets, buffets, tables with chairs, occasional tables, settee, patio, glass top display table, shelves, vanity, Brunswick sewing machine in cabinet, drop leaf end tables, coffee tables, quilt racks, wingback chairs, several rocking chairs, antique dressers, trunks and much more!
  • Pottery, Glass and China incl. Tons and tons of milk glass, carnival, Westmoreland, Fenton, Ruby and marina, Fire king, Hummel, Royal Daulton, Lladro, Wedgwood, Crystal, Lenox, Pyrex, tons and tons of cake plates, punch bowl sets, deviled egg sets, and tons more!
  • Crafts, yarn, sewing & fabric galore!
  • Toys incl. Walking Talking Winnie, Cabbage Patch kids, vintage wooden toys, strollers,  lots of stuffed animals and dolls!
  • Area rugs
  • Bed Bath & Beyond barrels
  • Craftsman tool box
  • Royal typewriters
  • Craftsman all in one cutting tool
  • Blankets and quilts
  • Tons and tons of Party Lite
  • Trombone in case 
  • Art incl. Calvert courthouse, St. Mary’s courthouse, Charles County courthouse, PG County courthouse, Annapolis State House, Rooney, Moffatt, Rosa Gallica, Marie, Art By BB, Marn by Waldo, St. Peters Catholic Church, Carlton Hotel Waldorf, Trotters Hotel Waldorf and more!
  • This house is packed full! Sure to be something for everyone! 


Please do not put items on the sold table unless you plan to purchase them. Please do not walk around the house holding tickets or items you are only thinking about. If you put them on the sold table we will count them as sold and treat them as such. Please, take extra time to decide while the item is in place before bringing it to the checkout. We would like to thank you all in advance for your cooperation and understanding of this matter.

Please take extra time to carefully inspect your items before you purchase. Once you have paid and left we cannot make any refunds or exchanges.


We accept cash, credit cards (minimum 100.00 no American Express) There will be a 3% convenience fee added to all credit card transactions. Debit cards (minimum 50.00 no convenience fee added) and local checks. There will be a bank fee for any returned checks. The fee is based on the current bank fee we are charged for any bounced check.

Please note that this estate starts at 9am. We will hand out numbers at 8AM for people arriving before 9. People choosing to show up extremely early or camping out are responsible for keeping track of who showed up first. There will be a list that you will need to put your name on once you arrive. YOU CANNOT COME, PUT YOUR NAME ON THE LIST AND GO HOME. IF YOU LEAVE IN THE NIGHT YOUR NAME WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE LIST. We will not be staying up all night to keep order of the lineup. The list will be honored only for the people who stayed all night. So, when you arrive be sure to find the person with the list and get your name on it. We have had some complaints of the process of numbers. The best I can explain is this: When Best Buy has a sale on Black Friday there is always a line wrapping around the building. Although their doors don’t open until a certain time people choose to camp out and wait until they do. It is the same principle here. If people choose to rough it all night so they can be first in line that is indeed their choice. Our numbers are given out at 8am on Thursday & Friday and 9:30am on Saturday. We do not allow people to come, put your name on the list, leave and come back at a few minutes to 9am. Once you get our permanent number at 8am however, you can leave and come back to line up a few minutes before 9. The numbers are used to to keep everyone in order of entry and to keep track of how many are in the home. Sometimes we have to limit the amount of people we let in the home depending on how big or how crowded the house is. So, please understand if we only let 20-40 people in at a time. 

We do not allow early sales and we start promptly at the posted time shown on the sale listing page.


Always park on the side of the road the estate home is on only. Do not park on both sides please. We cooperate with local law enforcement. Please park according to city ordinances and do not park on people’s lawns or in the neighbor’s driveways. Also, do not double-park anyone in, or block mailboxes, or streets.


All bags and containers are subject to inspection. You can bring your own bags and boxes for shopping, however, we reserve the right to inspect them when you leave.


We try to provide the service of wrapping glass for you, however, if we are in a shopping rush, you may have to wrap your own glass.


We can not hold items for you prior to the sale that you see in our gallery online. We line people up according to their numbers. If you see something in the gallery you want to buy, we suggest you arrive early to get a good number. Also, if you have to leave during the sale to get money or for any reason, we can not set aside items for you to buy when you return.


Please bring help to load your purchases. All purchases need to be removed by Saturday at 1pm.


Most of our estate sales contain areas and content not suitable for children. Our sales can be crowded and contain a lot of glass items and stair cases. Children are welcomed, but you are responsible for any damages. We can not allow strollers or buggies inside because they block the flow of traffic through the homes.


Service animals only please. 

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