Waldorf Estate July 2017




A partial list of what to expect:

  • Jewelry incl. Platinum, 18k, 14k, 10k gold. Diamonds, Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds, Lapis, Blue Topaz, Jade, Coral, Tanzanite, Aqua Marine, Opals, Amethyst, Yellow Sapphires, Tourmaline, Pink Tourmaline, Pearls, Fossilized Nautical Shell, Black Hills Gold, Onyx, Black Coral, Citrine, Turquoise, Malachite, Cloisonne, lots of sterling & costume jewelry too! Several pieces of carved wood, bone, snuff bottles, shell and rock items!
  • Clocks & Watches incl.  S Trademark Seikosha table top clock, Bell Clock Company quartz ship’s clock USA, S Trademark Seikosha Regulator pendulum clock, several ships clocks, fake 18k Rolex Oyster-Perpetual watch, Hampden pocket watch, Seiko, Casio, Gruen, Kappa and more!
  • Guns incl.  Harrington and Richardson Arms Co. 12 gauge choke, Kentuckian cal. 44 black powder rifle, Philadelphia Derringer, long barrel Derringer unsigned, Daisy Red Ryder carbine BB gun, Marksman repeater 177 caliber,, wooden unmarked bolt action rifle.
  • Nautical incl. Krohns Projector Kompas Bergen-Normay Binnacle, Lilley & Gillie Unit Clinometer, INT flare gun, Divers helmet, Lock Co. pulley, propeller, Japanese Ananometer, Hezzanith Pitch Indicator, Harpoons, Nunotani Seiki Marine Clinometer, back pack, A. Robinson & Co. miniature binnacle, Crosby compressor, Boston ships clock/barometer, Crosby pressure gauge, very large Japanese brass lantern, Jared heart padlock, Port/Starboard lanterns, Chadburns Liverpool & London Engine Order Telegraph, Eascolyte, Extra large pitch indicator, Japanese sextant, Eascolyte, ShipsLog Eiwaseiko speed indicator, Japanese floats, ships port holes and mirrors, oars, brass seashells and conch shells, lots of shell art, Captain figurines, ships bells, small brass chest, propeller, Compasses galore!, anchors, telescopes, binoculars and so much more! YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE ALL THE NAUTICAL!!!!
  • Military incl. Trunks, P.O.W. flag, ribbons, patches, tie tacks, pins, key chains and other memorabilia.  Also police patches.
  • Knives incl. Solingen Germany, Pakistan, Buck, US Ontario, Takoma Knife Co., Bowie ROMO, Kamp King, hand-forged custom knives, and more!
  • Taxidermy incl. Bear rug, duck, Cobra, squirrel, alligator, rabbit, deer, pheasants, bull, fish and more!
  • Coins incl. Morgan & Peace dollars, Kennedy halves, 1888 large cent, 1870 2cent, V nickels, Buffalo nickels, silver quarters, mercury & Kennedy silver dimes, Barber dimes, 3-1986 commemorative coin sets, Foreign coins and more!
  • Pakistan, Chinese,American, Iranian wool, silk area rugs & runners incl. Karastan 6’6″ X 9′, 3’1″ X 15’6″ runner, 4’7″ X 7’3″ red, 4’2″ X 6′ 9″ horses & birds, 10′ X 11′ 10″ floral, 12′ 2″ x 10′.3″ patterned, 8′ 1.5″ X 12′ floral with blues, 3′ 11.5″ X 7′ green, 3′ 6″ x 4′ 9: red & blue…and so many others!! All are in great condition!!
  • Oriental items incl. Conical and other weaved hats, boxes, Sumo wrestling art, Tiger art, wood baskets, pottery, fans, umbrellas, wrapping paper, cloisonne, vases, shipping crates, ceramics, meditation health balls, nick knacks, trays, postcards, gourds, wood carvings, books, sumo wrestler wall hanging.
  • Art incl. A collection of original oils by Earl E. Collins which include: Eagle, Amerigo Vespucci, Dar Pomorza, Juan Sebastian De Elcano, Danmark & Liberated. Walter Hortens The Classic Phantom Pyramid Fly, David Forbis Moby Dick, Kim Chong Sih, several Asian artists, Morissette, H.D. Bugboo and so many other great nautical and water scenes. 
  • Boy Scout items incl. Uniform shirts, scarfs, hats, necklace clips, flatware, compass, whistle, poncho, belts, books, and patches.
  • Furniture incl. Rare small drop leaf sewing table, roll top secretary desk, mid century book shelf unit, dining room table, China cabinet, bar top bistro table with 4 chairs, Oriental secretary desk, antique secretary desk, antique bench, antique chairs, Tiger Oak table, 2 matching modern leather chairs, queen, two twins & one full size beds, dressers, night stands, 
  • Safes incl. Protectall floor #228054, Safeguard double-lock #SD103, Two Saga double-lock Saf-D-Posit, Sentry double-lock #1250, Brinks wall model, Sentry double-lock cube #V332, Sentry double-lock #2286, Sentry double-lock #1235, Sisco small #1073, First Alert, and a brown metal wall safe.
  • Hundreds of romantic novels. by Nora Roberts, J.D. Robb, Susan Johnson, Shannon McKenna, Susan Wiggs, Sandra Brown and many more!
  • Lots of Hummels!
  • Snowbabies and Snowbunnies incl. Penquin, Jolly Friends Forevermore, Wish Upon a Star, So Many Books, So Little Time, To The Rescue, My Heart Shines For You, A Baby in my Stocking, Bisque, Rising Star, A Little Holiday Magic music box, Skating with Friends music box, Wish, I’m Making Snowballs Too, The Gift of Christmas, The Royal Family, Frosty Frolic Friends, Caroling with Minnie, Bathed in Bubble, A Baby for Everyday Thursday & Sunday, Fun with Frosty the Snowman, A Smile to Treasure, New Year’s Resolution, Welcome to the World, Little One, Oh! Pupkinhead, The Stocking Stuffers, Flowers For You, Let’s All Chime In, Jingle Bell, Ride The Wave, Rudolph Lights the Way, Let Your Light Shine, Jack Frost…A Touch of Winter Magic, A Star Shone Down Where He Lay, Jack Frost…Through The Frosty Forest, Up Into The Stars, Can Reindeer Really Fly?, Look Mom…It’s For You!, Santa’s Helpers, Here Comes Santa Claus, Snowbabies, Sparkle Tree, Deer Friends, A Baby for Everyday: Wednesday “Adventure Seeker”, Happy Birthday To You, Celebrate Your Day, Skating with Mickey, Pull Yourself Together, What’s Your Favorite Flavor?, Crossing Starry Skies, It’s A Grand Old Flag, Friends Get You Through the Bumps, I’ll Love You Always, Jack Frost…Story For A Frosty Night & A Sleighride Through The Stars, For The Red White & Blue, Cocoa For Two, Famous For Hugs and Kisses, All He Wants to do is Dance, Just For You, Gotta Watch Both Ends at the Same Time, Snowflake Magic, It Takes Two, One Baby in a Snowsuit, A Journey for Two, By Caribou, Cold Noses, Warm Hearts, Walk Like a Penguin, Making Tracks, Let’s Go Skating, Help Me, I’m Stuck!, Bringing Starry Pines, A Couple of Flakes, …And He Kissed Me, Stuck in the Snow, We’re Building an Icy Igloo, Light up the Holidays, Rock A Bye Baby, Wish upon A Falling Star, First Star Jinglebaby, Checking for Presents, Come Along with Me, From God-2006, Make it Shine, To Little Babies on the Go, Jingle Bell Sleigh, Sliding Through The Milky Way, Leap in the Leaves with Me, Build Your Own Kingdom, Dreams of Skating Kingdom, Dreams of Skating Glory, Animated Skating Pond, See You Next Year. 


We are having a problem with people gathering items for purchase, putting them on our sold tables, shopping the rest of the house (sometimes for hours) then changing their mind upon checkout. This behavior has lost us sales. Because we work for the family we will be enforcing the sold table from here forward. Do not put items on the sold table unless you plan to purchase them. If you put them on the sold table we will count them as sold and treat them as such! Please, take extra time to decide while the item is in place before bringing it to the checkout. We would like to thank you all in advance for your cooperation and understanding of this matter.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Please take extra time to carefully inspect your items before you purchase. Once you have paid and left we cannot make any refunds or exchanges.

We accept cash, credit cards (minimum 100.00 no American Express) There will be a 3% convenience fee added to all credit card transactions. Debit cards (minimum 50.00 no convenience fee added) and local checks. There will be a bank fee for any returned checks. The fee is based on the current bank fee we are charged for any bounced check.

Please note that this estate starts at 8am . We will hand out numbers at 7AM for people arriving before 8. People choosing to show up extremely early or camping out are responsible for keeping track of who showed up first. There will be a list that you will need to put your name on once you arrive. YOU CANNOT PUT YOUR NAME ON THE LIST AND GO HOME. IF YOU LEAVE IN THE NIGHT YOUR NAME WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE LIST. We will not be staying up all night to keep order of the lineup. The list will be honored only for the people who stayed all night. So, when you arrive be sure to find the person with the list and get your name on it. We have had some complaints of the process of numbers. The best I can explain is this: When Best Buy has a sale on Black Friday there is always a line wrapping around the building. Although their doors don’t open until a certain time people choose to camp out and wait until they do. It is the same principle here. If people choose to rough it all night so they can be first in line that is indeed their choice. Our numbers are given out at 7am. We do not allow people to come, put your name on the list, leave and come back at a few minutes to 7am. Once you get our permanent number at 7am however, you can leave and come back to line up a few minutes before 8. The numbers are used to to keep everyone in order of entry. Sometimes we have to limit the amount of people we let in the home depending on how big or how crowded the house is. So, please understand if we only let 20-40 people in at a time. We are not responsible for lost numbers and you will have to go to the end of line if you lose your number.

Estate Start Time:
We do not allow early sales and start promptly at 8am.

Always park on the side of the road the estate home is on only. Do not park on both sides please. We cooperate with local law enforcement. Please park according to city ordinances and do not park on people’s lawns or in the neighbor’s driveways. Also, do not double-park anyone in, or block mailboxes, or streets.

Shopping Bags & Containers:
All bags and containers are subject to inspection. You can bring your own bags and boxes for shopping, however, we reserve the right to inspect them when you leave.

We try to provide the service of wrapping glass for you, however, if we are in a shopping rush, you may have to wrap your own glass.

Holding Items:
We can not hold items for you prior to the sale that you see in our gallery online. We line people up according to their numbers. If you see something in the gallery you want to buy, we suggest you arrive early to get a good number.Also, if you have to leave during the sale to get money or for any reason, we can not set aside items for you to buy when you return.

Large and Heavy Items:
Please bring help to load your purchases. All purchases need to be removed by close of sale Sunday at 12pm

Most of our estate sales contain areas and content not suitable for children. Our sales can be crowded and contain a lot of glass items and stair cases. Children are welcomed, but you are responsible for any damages. We can not allow strollers or buggies inside because they block the flow of traffic through the homes.

Please do not bring pets to the sale unless they are required for special needs.