Massive Colonial Beach Estate




A Partial List Of What To Expect:

  • Guns incl. B.C. engraved, A set of dueling black powder pistols (engraved with “B C”), 1860 Elliot “ring trigger” 5 shot, 02 22 short Winchester bolt pistol, Hi-standard revolver model R-103, Smith & Wesson (2D quality), 1942 Colt Commando .38 spl, Iver Johnson “Top Break” revolver .32, I.J. Target sealed 8, 1909 U.S army model Colt (double action), 1851 Colt  Navy, Musket Flintlock pistol, Colt DA .38 1901 U.S army, Belgian baby flip up trigger hamerless revolver, Sam colt commemorate, 1911 marine corp. commemorative, Springfield M21 rifle, Springfield Armory Model 1899, Springfield Armory Model 1903, Victor American a Gun Co. single shot gun, Enfield MK lll, Springfield 30 M1, Remington Model 700 w/ scope, Savage Model 60, Mossberg Model 538.22, Winchester Model 290, M1 Carbine 30 cal, New England Firearms Model SBl 12 ga, 1870 Enfield, G Stevens Arms Co. “little scout” .22, Sears- Ted Williams Model 3T, Apache Arms semi auto .45 “Tommy Gun” Mosin Nagant 7.62 x 54r, 1863 Sharps Vertical Breech Carbine, Remington MLE Berthier 8mm level, And Remington Rolling Block, pellet gun. lots of ammo, clips and other gun accessories!
  • Knives, swords, and bayonets incl. USMC serial #323 officer sword, USMC Chatillion NY Machete & Boyt 44, USMC Ka Bar Olean fighting knife, Case XX machete, USMC Imperial Bayonet knife with scabbard, Smith & Wesson Linerlock knife, Camo Fighter survival knife, USN Robeson #20 fighting knife, Monarch hunting knife, Germany knife, Bayonet w/ scabbard,  and  an antique billy club weapon, several jack and pocket knives and much more!
  • Military Incl. Lewis B. “Chesty” Puller riding crop Lt. Gen. Horse Marines -Peking, China 1933-34 his sword uniform and covers. U.S. Army Bausch & Lomb binoculars, Returned From Hell 1950 silk flag, several American and USMC flags, 4th “China” Marine REG. Jacket, s verbal badges and pins, 1890 Sergeant Major Jay. J. Breeden emblem of the U.S. Marine Corps., bullet lamps, trench shovels, trench lighters, and much more, LTC Harvey G. Soefer 121st general hospital Seoul Korea and much more!
  • Clocks and watches incl. Seth Thomas, New Haven, The sessions clock co. Art Nouveau ginger bread clock, Waterbury, Regulator, Grandfather clock, Coca-Cola vintage clock, Green Telechron Electric clock, True time tellers, Bradley Time Mickey Mouse watch, Ball Watch Co. pocket watch, Hudson, Lancet, Bulova, Timex, USMC, Lady sheffield 10K, Le Gran, Relic, Bulova, Nautica, Armitron, Bulova 14k.
  • Jewelry incl. 10k & 14k gold, sterling and some costume. 
  • Coins & paper money incl. 1963 $5 red seal, $1 silver certificate, 1773 half penny, error pennies and quarter, Morgan and Peace silver dollars, Walking Liberties, Mercury dimes, Buffalo nickels, V nickels, Indian and Wheat pennies and some foreign too.  
  • Art incl. “Lady Luck was an American” By: Tom Freeman, William Harnden Foster “The Sunshine Special”, Custer’s last fight presented to Wyoming tribe No. 49, An evening with the president By: G. Harvey, R. Atkins Fox, E.M Moyers, framed tapestry, tons of historical portraits including George Washington, General Joseph E. Johnston, Robert E. Lee, Abraham Lincoln and more. E.C Middleton’s national oil portraits, Reverse painting on glass, Amos & Andy, Waterhouse prints, H.J. Thrasher, tons of antique framed prints throughout the home! 
  • Toys including: 1941 Grey Hound bus, Musical man on the flying Trapeze Toy circus collectible, 1967 Volkswagen Beetle, Cast iron collectibles, The Mickey Mouse Express, George Brently Kazoo, Diner kit, Mickeys Air Mail plane, Steiff bears, Crank noise maker, 1917 Alphabet & counting board, Galetti Carlo E. Milano wooden Pinocchio, 1950 Ford Mustang pedal car, Metal Bell Telephone Truck, Metal Volkswagon Van Bus  with surfboards, Metal No. 5 fire truck, Schoenhut wooden elephant, donkey, and Bison, Tin baby stroller, Tin spinning top, Mr. District Attorney radio series book, Tin Wolverine Arithmetic quiz game, Diana Children’s toy sewing machine, wind up bear, 1950’s Tin Army tank, Kewpie doll, Tin lithograph wind up beetles, Toy Easter rabbit pulling cart,  Christmas snow globe Santa figure, Vintage and antique dolls, Little Pet linen ABC book, Milton Bradley Lotto Game, Structo Hydraulic Dump truck, Hubley Metal tow truck and tons more!
  • Art Deco and Art Nouveau throughout the home!
  • Banks incl. 1885 William Tell, Commonwealth Three Coin Registry, Clown on Globe, Uncle Sam, Sailor, Chein Clown, Sunny Future and others. 
  • Native American Celt 
  • Furniture incl. George Washington corner chair, several antique, vintage and military trunks., The National Cash Register Co. cabinet, Gregory Graham refrigerator, Several vintage pie safes, vintage mirrors, barrister book case, primitive secretary desks/hutch, Primitive cupboards, stools, marble top desks and side tables, primitive benches, 7.5 foot farm table with chairs, Hamilton MFG. Co. antique printers cabinet, several antique blanket chests, antique map chest,  twin size rope bed, full size bed, hall trees, tons of antique and vintage dressers and night stands, occasional tables, Hoosier cabinets, Armoires, marble top wash stands, quilt racks, Victorian dressers, several antique chairs, jelly cabinets, couch, picnic table with chairs and so much more!
  • Pottery, China and Glass incl. Several salt glazed crocks, jugs and bowls., Vaseline, Pyrex, Lenox, Waterford, Carnival, Milk, Bohemian, McCoy, USA, Weller, Roseville, Mikasa, Catle Art, Cabridge “Nude”, Iron Stone and tons more!
  • Baltimore cast iron bell
  • Cast iron Cauldrons and Rail Road Crossing sign 
  • Antique scales
  • Warehouse Sunbeam Bread bin
  • Kitchen items incl. Tons of vintage and antique salt and pepper sets, candy molds, butter presses, copper kettles, Black Mammies, Bella Cuisine pots and pans, Krups blender, B & D toaster oven, Ball Mason jars, Pyrex, vintage glasses, decanters, mixing bowls and water pitchers galore and so much more!
  • Tons of oil and GWTW lamps! 
  • Several bronze and cast figural statues throughout the home! Massive bronze eagle on marble base titled “The Fisherman”
  • Vintage and antique advertisement
  • Quilts, linens, lace, Chenille bedspreads, tea napkins and doilies
  • Beaded purses
  • Vintage doors and shutters
  • Metal and wooden baskets
  • Books incl. 1923 Elbert Hubbard’s scrap book, 1898 Campfires of the Confederacy, 1914 The Short Stop, The Devil’s Doings, World War I & II The Western Front, USMC A Complete History This is War, IWO Jima, Marine Badges & Insignia of the World War, Pictorial History of the Second World War, The Fourth Marine Division, Marines in the Revolution, Dell comic books and so many others! 
  • Vintage General Electric portable sewing machine in travel case
  • Tools incl. Toro push mower, Hechinger leaf blower, Craftsman power washer, Homelite leaf blower, Craftsman sawzall, Craftsman power drill with charger, B & D hedge trimmer, Craftsman air compressor, Craftsman shop vacs, Antique tool box full of tools, Detecto scale, tons of hand tools and much more!
  • Lots of vintage and antique door stops, pulls, handles, hinges, latches and pieces!
  • Carocine Furs
  • Antique record/music box player with cabinet and metal records. 


We are having a problem with people gathering items for purchase, putting them on our sold tables, shopping the rest of the house (sometimes for hours) then changing their mind upon checkout. This behavior has lost us sales. Because we work for the family we will be enforcing the sold table from here forward. Do not put items on the sold table unless you plan to purchase them. If you put them on the sold table we will count them as sold and treat them as such. Please, take extra time to decide while the item is in place before bringing it to the checkout. We would like to thank you all in advance for your cooperation and understanding of this matter.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Please take extra time to carefully inspect your items before you purchase. Once you have paid and left we cannot make any refunds or exchanges.

We accept cash, credit cards (minimum 100.00 no American Express) There will be a 3% convenience fee added to all credit card transactions. Debit cards (minimum 50.00 no convenience fee added) and local checks. There will be a bank fee for any returned checks. The fee is based on the current bank fee we are charged for any bounced check.

Please note that this estate starts at 10am . We will hand out numbers at 9AM for people arriving before 10. People choosing to show up extremely early or camping out are responsible for keeping track of who showed up first. There will be a list that you will need to put your name on once you arrive. YOU CANNOT COME, PUT YOUR NAME ON THE LIST AND GO HOME. IF YOU LEAVE IN THE NIGHT YOUR NAME WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE LIST. We will not be staying up all night to keep order of the lineup. The list will be honored only for the people who stayed all night. So, when you arrive be sure to find the person with the list and get your name on it. We have had some complaints of the process of numbers. The best I can explain is this: When Best Buy has a sale on Black Friday there is always a line wrapping around the building. Although their doors don’t open until a certain time people choose to camp out and wait until they do. It is the same principle here. If people choose to rough it all night so they can be first in line that is indeed their choice. Our numbers are given out at 9am. We do not allow people to come, put your name on the list, leave and come back at a few minutes to 9am. Once you get our permanent number at 9am however, you can leave and come back to line up a few minutes before 10. The numbers are used to to keep everyone in order of entry. Sometimes we have to limit the amount of people we let in the home depending on how big or how crowded the house is. So, please understand if we only let 20-40 people in at a time. We are not responsible for lost numbers and you will have to go to the end of line if you lose your number.

Estate Start Time:
We do not allow early sales and start promptly at 10am.

Always park on the side of the road the estate home is on only. Do not park on both sides please. We cooperate with local law enforcement. Please park according to city ordinances and do not park on people’s lawns or in the neighbor’s driveways. Also, do not double-park anyone in, or block mailboxes, or streets.

Shopping Bags & Containers:
All bags and containers are subject to inspection. You can bring your own bags and boxes for shopping, however, we reserve the right to inspect them when you leave.

We try to provide the service of wrapping glass for you, however, if we are in a shopping rush, you may have to wrap your own glass.

Holding Items:
We can not hold items for you prior to the sale that you see in our gallery online. We line people up according to their numbers. If you see something in the gallery you want to buy, we suggest you arrive early to get a good number.Also, if you have to leave during the sale to get money or for any reason, we can not set aside items for you to buy when you return.

Large and Heavy Items:
Please bring help to load your purchases. All purchases need to be removed by close of sale Sunday at 12pm

Most of our estate sales contain areas and content not suitable for children. Our sales can be crowded and contain a lot of glass items and stair cases. Children are welcomed, but you are responsible for any damages. We can not allow strollers or buggies inside because they block the flow of traffic through the homes.

Please do not bring pets to the sale unless they are required for special needs.