Indian Head Estate December 2021

A partial list of what to expect:

  • 2007 Jeep Wrangler X with 148,205 original miles. Clean clear title. Runs great but needs an airbag recall dealt with and minor maintenance. $10,285.
  • 2000 Jeep Wrangler Sport 4.0L with 178,726 original miles. Runs great but needs minor maintenance. $7,375.
  • 2019 John Deere X590 like new with only 73 hours. 54″ mower deck. $6,185.
  • 2012 GT2000 Cub Cadet riding mower. Starts but does not stay running. Carburetor needs work. $275.
  • Like New Cub Cadet RT65 rear tine tiller $495.
  • Tools incl. Central Pneumatic air compressor, Rigid snake, Makita 7104L, Dewalt drill, Dewalt circular saw, Makita sander, Makita rotary hammer, Makita router, Makita circular saw, 13″ Maestro 13 Professional tile cutter,  2 ton cable pullers  Craftsman utilities Craftsman utility sharpener, Chicago 3 1/4″ electric planer, Ryobi dustless orbital sander,  10″ heavy duty woodworking vice, Craftsman sander, 3 stone sharpener, Is Central Pneumatic 2″ Brad Nailer, Northern Industrial 2 ton x 3m manual chain hoist,  Central Machinery 2.5 horsepower 12″ planer,  Craftsman chopsaw, Makita 5402NA saw, Louisville extension ladder, Werner fiberglass ladder’s, Chicago electric winch 2000 pounds, 3 PT hitch adapter kit for IHC/Farmall models, Sears Craftsman industrial router table, Ridgid Flip-top portable work support, lots of hand and garden tools,  Lots of toolboxes and many many accessories!
  •  Handmade wooden bench on rollers very solid super nice!
  •  Antique tools and gadgets incl: Champion Blower Forge Co. Drill,  1882 Buckeye MFG Co. Drill, Taylor 15A clamps, Stanley Planers, Cies Wrench Co. Cheney anvil & Vice, Wrench, Daisey 1932 shield, several hand drills, Pyko No 1 drill, 2 man saw, sausage grinders, corn shucker, chisels, ice tongs, several pulleys, Kant-Twist 3 clamp, Holston & Sons hand tools, National Lead Company, Disston & Sons hand saws and so much more!
  • Instruments and accessories incl: Douglas Tele (Telecaster Style) electric guitar, Rogue Mandolin, Fernandes Jaguar Style elec. guitar, Fender Squire Tele elec. guitar, Jay Turser, Fender Squire Strats electric guitars, Ibanez SA series and RG series elec. guitars, Dean 6 string banjo, Korg X3 Music Workstation keyboard, Axiom 49 M_ Audio keyboards, harmony and Regal ukuleles, Mackie 808M 8 channel 1200N mixer, JBL 4612B PA speakers, JBL 4691B PA speakers, Crate PS-12 PA speakers, Cerwin Vega V31X PA speaker, 180W Fender Hot Rod Deluxe w/foot switch, Marshal AVT412 4X12 200w. cabinet, Marshal MG412 w/2 Celestion G12-30 speakers, Peavy VIP-3 Amp, Fender Twin Tube Amp with foot switch, large PA speaker stands, Yamaha MT8X Multi Cassette recorder 8 track, Tascam Porta One Mini Studio 4 track, XENYX 1832FX 18 input mixer, Peavy XR-600B mixer amp, Symetrix 525 Rack compressor, Lexicon MPX100 dual channel processor, Line6 POD version 2, Gibson pickups 57 classics, Fulltone Ultimate Octave pedal, TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb pedal, Cry Baby WAH pedals, Fulltone Deja Vibe pedal, Fishman Aura Acoustic pedal, PreSonus audio box 44VSC Interface, Boss FZ-5 Fuzz pedal, Boss FS-5U foot switch, Korg AT-1 tuner, Uni-Vibe pedal, Digitech Vocalist VR Rack voice harmonizer, Korg TM-60 Metronome, Boss BD-2 pedal, Electro Harmonix big muff pedal, Boss GE-7 pedal, Berringer Ultra-DI D1100 Di Box, Boss DD-20 Delay pedal, Boss RC-20XL loop station, Boss CE-20 Chorus pedal, Boss CS-3 Comp/Sustainer, Yamaha FC5 Sustain pedal, Boss OC-3 octave pedal, Boss PN-2 Trem pedal, AKAI EI effects & loop pedal, Audio Technica Mics, Teac 3 mixing board, Custom Built 2×12 cabinet with Celestron G12-30’s speakers, Shure SM58 mic with stand, Tons and tons of guitar cords and misc. accessories. 
  • Knives and swords incl. EX 1789 forged steel, Japanese Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon repro., India, Macleod, several no named. 
  • XBOX 360 HALO 3 special edition.
  • Kalimar 7 x 35 binoculars
  • 2- .177 air guns
  • Men’s Giant Sedona DX bicycle
  • Weight bench and weights.
  • STIHL FS70RC weedeater
  • Makita gas blower.
  • One man kayak with oars.
  • Electronics incl: Samsung computer, BX5a speakers, Lexmart X1270 printer, One Touch 7600 scanner, Sweetwater Creation Station Audio Computer, LCD Insignia flat screen TV, Sony speakers, homemade speakers, CapelloDisc player, Brookstone I Convert record player, Sony DVD/CD player, Magnavox CD 1000 disc player, Magnavox DVD player/VCR, Celestion G12-30 speakers.
  • Military uniforms and accessories
  • Rock record albums
  • Nikon Coolpix P500 camera
  • Stern 6 Axis metal structures drone
  • Tons and tons of books, CD’s & DVD’s
  • Small amount of fishing items
  • Concept 2 exercise machine


Please do not put items on the sold table unless you plan to purchase them. If you put them on the sold table we will count them as sold and treat them as such. Please, take extra time to decide while the item is in place before bringing it to the checkout. We would like to thank you all in advance for your cooperation and understanding of this matter.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Please take extra time to carefully inspect your items before you purchase. Once you have paid and left we cannot make any refunds or exchanges.

We accept cash, credit cards (minimum 100.00 no American Express) There will be a 3% convenience fee added to all credit card transactions. Debit cards (minimum 50.00 no convenience fee added) and local checks. There will be a bank fee for any returned checks. The fee is based on the current bank fee we are charged for any bounced check.

Please note that this estate starts at 9am. We will hand out numbers at 8AM for people arriving before 9. People choosing to show up extremely early or camping out are responsible for keeping track of who showed up first. There will be a list that you will need to put your name on once you arrive. YOU CANNOT COME, PUT YOUR NAME ON THE LIST AND GO HOME. IF YOU LEAVE IN THE NIGHT YOUR NAME WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE LIST. We will not be staying up all night to keep order of the lineup. The list will be honored only for the people who stayed all night. So, when you arrive be sure to find the person with the list and get your name on it. We have had some complaints of the process of numbers. The best I can explain is this: When Best Buy has a sale on Black Friday there is always a line wrapping around the building. Although their doors don’t open until a certain time people choose to camp out and wait until they do. It is the same principle here. If people choose to rough it all night so they can be first in line that is indeed their choice. Our numbers are given out at 9am. We do not allow people to come, put your name on the list, leave and come back at a few minutes to 9am. Once you get our permanent number at 9am however, you can leave and come back to line up a few minutes before 10. The numbers are used to to keep everyone in order of entry. Sometimes we have to limit the amount of people we let in the home depending on how big or how crowded the house is. So, please understand if we only let 20-40 people in at a time. We are not responsible for lost numbers and you will have to go to the end of line if you lose your number.

Estate Start Time:
We do not allow early sales and start promptly at 9am.

Always park on the side of the road the estate home is on only. Do not park on both sides please. We cooperate with local law enforcement. Please park according to city ordinances and do not park on people’s lawns or in the neighbor’s driveways. Also, do not double-park anyone in, or block mailboxes, or streets.

Shopping Bags & Containers:
All bags and containers are subject to inspection. You can bring your own bags and boxes for shopping, however, we reserve the right to inspect them when you leave.

We try to provide the service of wrapping glass for you, however, if we are in a shopping rush, you may have to wrap your own glass.

Holding Items:
We can not hold items for you prior to the sale that you see in our gallery online. We line people up according to their numbers. If you see something in the gallery you want to buy, we suggest you arrive early to get a good number. Also, if you have to leave during the sale to get money or for any reason, we can not set aside items for you to buy when you return.

Large and Heavy Items:
Please bring help to load your purchases. All purchases need to be removed by close of sale Saturday at 2pm.

Most of our estate sales contain areas and content not suitable for children. Our sales can be crowded and contain a lot of glass items and stair cases. Children are welcomed, but you are responsible for any damages. We can not allow strollers or buggies inside because they block the flow of traffic through the homes.

Please do not bring pets to the sale unless they are required for special needs.